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About Me

Hey, I'm Joshua (call me Josh). I am a photographer living in Clovis, California. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Geography and a love for the sciences as well as the outdoors. I have been doing landscape photography since 2015 and I have been applying those skills in commercial photography since 2019. 

I didn't start out with a love for photography like many other photographer's I know - not that I hated it though! I was getting burned out without an outlet for my creativity so I decided I'd try to take pictures while outside. It just made sense to me. I've travelled the world going to the most beautiful places to capture the moment ever since, although; the American Deserts have a special place in my heart. 

My photography shares more in common with romanticism than photojournalism. I try to capture the atmosphere, color, mood and the overall feeling that was running through my mind while I was behind the camera. This is why most of my work doesn't all look the same. They range from epic, time blended, drama filled scenes to smaller single exposure images that draw you in. It depends on what is in front of me, how I'm feeling at the time of capture and how I edit the image. Every shoot is chaotic while I race changing light or nature as I try capture what will represent what I'm shooting the best when I go to edit each image to really breathe life into them. 

Please feel free if you have any questions for me or would like to book a commercial shoot. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for regular updates and enjoy my images!

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